12Apr, 21

Fruit & Vegetables

Frozen Fruit & vegetable Suppliers   Over the years, we have established ourselves as one of the leading fruit and vegetable import and distribution companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We import the best frozen fruit and vegetable products available on the market - all of which have been sourced from our global supply chain of top quality farmers, manufacturers and suppliers.  In the many years we have been carrying out business, we have established a network of premium product suppliers who produce their goods in the most appropriate, fertile regions of the world using the most environmentally friendly and sustainable methods possible.  Quality Farmers We only work with carefully selected farmers and cultivators who can consistently deliver the quality of produce that we promise our customers. All of our fruit and vegetables are subject to strict quality control measures and procedures, and meet all relevant health and safety regulations.  Quality Products Convenient packaging International quality certificates Logistics Management Large Selection of Fruits & Vegetables   We have a large product selection for our customers to choose from, boasting a massive range of quality fruit and vegetables.  Once the goods reach our distribution centre, they are handled with care by highly trained staff using best practice procedures to ensure our customers receive goods that come with our promise of quality, consistency and full traceability.  Contact Us Offices Jeddah Head Office Phone: + 966 12 6365284 + 966 12 6378104   Address: AL MISFAH DIST, PETROMIN AREA,HIND BINT AL WALEED STREET, P.O. BOX 6372, JEDDAH 21442 Riyadh Phone: + 966 12 4387119